Friday, April 11, 2008

The 1770 Will of Joseph McDowell (b. 1715)

From McDowells in America, by Dorothy Kelly MacDowell, pub. 1981, Gateway Press, Inc.:

    Joseph McDowell's will, Rowan County, N.C., dated March 16, 1770, proved Nov. 1771, Will Bk “A”, pages 99 & 100, divides his estate in the following manner:
    To Margaret McDowell, his dearly beloved wife, one feather bed and furniture, one riding horse and side saddle and bridle to her and her heirs forever.
    To his well beloved son Hugh, the sum of 30 pounds lawful money of N.C.
    To his well beloved son Charles, the sum of five shillings lawful money of N.C. over and above what was already given him.
    To daughter Elizabeth McKinnie, five pounds lawful money.
    To daughter Hannah Chrisman, the sum of five pounds.
    To his two younger sons John & Joseph, all the rest of his real and personal after their mother's estate of the third is deducted to be equally divided thusly: Joseph shall possess and enjoy the tract of land situated on Silver Creek which he purchased from his son Charles and his executors are to purchase out of his estate a tract of land for his son John to the value of 60 pounds, and the remainder was to be equally divided between John and Joseph.
    His wife, Margaret, and sons Hugh and Charles were to be executors of the will.
    Witnesses were Philip Price, Abram Scott and Joseph Dobson.